How to restrict emails sent by country

Hello Everyone!

Mautic by default has an option in settings to restrict number of emails/messages that can be sent out each day which is very helpful. However I want to apply limit based on contact’s country.

For example if total limit to send emails is 100,000 it should be divided based on contact’s country. So I don’t want to send 90,000 emails to contacts in France and 10,000 to contacts in other countries. I wish to put limit on number of emails to be sent to each country so emails are distributed evenly to all the countries.

Is there any way (or plugin) to do achieve that? Even if its not there yet, what would be the best approach to develop a plugin for such a functionality as I am a developer myself and can take on this assignment. I would appreciate any help from the community.

Thank you so much!
Abdul Haq.

Hi, you can achieve this multiple ways:

  1. there is a plugin, that has camapign goals.
    Create a different segment for each country and set the goal (how many emails you want to send)

  2. You can set a second custom field for each country where you define a batch id. This batch id can be filtered on when you make the send. For example today you send only batch id = 1, (set this in segment filter), where you imported only 10.000 contacts with this id. Tomorrow batchj id = 2, etc.

The difficulty is, that campaigns can have secondary actions, where people react in different pace, and you might build up peeks in your delivery. There is no way to avoid that.