How to send SMS to segment?

Scenario: Local restaurant wants to send a weekly SMS to its customers to alert them about upcoming deals and promotions. Since the restaurant offers different deals each week, the SMS that is sent would need to be different.

This would essentially be an SMS equivalent of a newsletter, however Mautic doesn’t support sending SMS the same way it does emails.

So, the best I can come up with is to create a Campaign, and create a Text Message (name it “Weekly Specials” or something). Then each week just change the content of the text message.

The only problem with this is that if you forget to change the content of the Text Message before it’s sent, then the Segment will receive old content of the last SMS.

Hi, this is being handled here:

Seems to be in the 3.1 Milestone.

Interesting. I suppose I don’t fully understand what a “milestone” is. Does this mean that it’s actually going to be a part of the 3.1 release? or that it just might be?