How to: send to a segment but exclude contacts that belong to other segment(s)


I have a relatively simple setup where buyers of Course A are added to Segment A and buyers of Course B are added to Segment B.
Thus if somebody bought both courses - they’ll be added to both segments.

How would I send to Segment A but exclude contacts that are also in Segment B?
Am I missing something obvious, or is there a better way to structure my subscribers in order to achieve that I want?

Thanks in advance!

I am sure this is how you can do it.

Create a new segment “C”

Set Segment “C” filter including Segment “A” and excluding Segment “B”

Then you can send to Segment “C” where it includes contacts from from Segment “A” but if any of the “A” contacts are also in Segment “B” then those contacts will not be included in Segment “C”

Great idea, going to explore it further.
Thank you!

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This is how I do it all the time with invitation and registered segment.

I create a “flyer” segment and filter it to include invitation but exclude the registered.

Each week before the event, I sent out a flyer to our members inviting them to upcoming event. All members who registered get added to the registered segment so they will not get flyers again about the event instead event schedules get sent to registered segment.

It’s pretty neat system I have going on Mautic and I am using tags to filter contacts instead of segment but it’s same thing.

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