How to exclude a segment in Segment email?

We are moving away from old mailer system to Mautic soon and on the old one we used to be able to create a list (segment) of contacts “members” and when we have an event, it send email to everyone about the event that they can register for.

Then we create a second segment “registered” we would resend the event email again a week later to member segment but add “registered” segment in excluded since those already registered and will not get the email again.

How do we do this in Mautic? I don’t notice any exclude segment box where we could add segment into so those in the segment would not get email even they are also in members segments.

Thank you

Hi, you can anytime create a new segment called “Newsletter” which consists from segment include “members” and exclude “registered”
Segment in Segment :smiley:

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Segment in a Segment … excellent point! I completely understood what you are saying!

Thank you!

Have a great weekend!