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Ways to exclude external list of emails from segment?

Hi Guys,

Firstly can I say how grateful I am for the time and effort you have put into Mautic. Its a really great bit of software, and I say that as a fellow web developer. Great work guys.

<rant> It sickens me when I see people on here just moaning them asking for help for something that’s free, ugh sense of entitlement or what. Anyways rant over </rant>

I’d like some advice on the best way to tackle this task, its fairly simple I believe.

I have my main segment of 20,000 users and I’d like to send a message to them all apart from 400 of them. I have their emails in an external file and nothing else to identify them with.

I thought I could import them into their own segment then do some fancy filter to make another segment from the main segment minus the 400 to exclude segment but I can’t see that option anywhere.

I believe I could do it through the API by updating the contact with an identifier then doing a segment filter into a new segment but that seems like a lot of work for such a simple task.

What are my options here guys? Thanks in advance!


This is how I do it: Import them into Mautic and set a special tag to identify them. Create a segment with “Tags not including” so that they are filtered out.

BTW, Mautic is capable to do a segment filtering like “Segment membership not including XY”. So if you already have the contacts in Mautic you might want to use that.

PS, don’t know if you have some automatic opt-in mechanism in place. If yes you might disable it for the 400 contacts.