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How to set up mautic for a franchise type business

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all the team members (developers,designers, leads and the core members) who are responsible for the whole Mautic platform’s creation.
I have recently set up this tool to understand how the platform works, just out of interest (had installed Ubuntu and LEMP set up for mautic testing locally). I am a Java developer, but trying to get familiar with PHP. I would to be part of this developers’ community and do my part.
Recently, a friend of mine who has 3 stores (franchise model), has asked if this can be used for automation of their email marketing. I would like to understand functionally how to set up such a model (where we have to implement a parent-child user relation)? Where should I start? Is there a Data Model to refer which I can re-design for this use case?

Also, if any other Mauticians have tried such POCs, kindly let me know; appreciate the help.