How to show a focus item only to new user on the website

Is anyone having a solution to show a focus item to new users only on the website?

We want to show a focus item and capture the contact details only of new users visiting our website.

Add focus item as campaign and set segment call in campaign.
Create “new only” as a segment and add in conditions

  1. “Visited URL Count” <= 1
  2. “e-mai” = empty
  3. “contact details” [Here is the set of fields you want to collect ] = empty

@mojo in order to have them be in a campaign the visitor would have to be in a segment right? Or have filled out a form. In your example, what segment are you targeting? I don’t think there is a segment for anonymous visitors is there?

@ericgr The segments are “themselves”.

Set conditions in the segment and any user can be added to it if they meet these conditions.
If @amars is looking for an example of
shoe size;)
This segment conditions should set

  1. Visited URL Count <= 1 - that is, visits the page 1 time
  2. E-mail = empty. So user doesn’t have this field filled yet
  3. Phone = empty. So user doesn’t have this field filled yet
  4. Shoe size = empty. So user doesn’t have this field filled yet
  5. Here you can add other conditions confirming that the user is the first time, eg “Visited URL = not like” website domain - which means that he did not visit this website early.

These are the conditions for a user to be entered into this segmnt.
Now you create a Campaign by selecting this segment as the source and, in the conditions of the campaign, you set a Focus Item call with a Form for collecting the above mentioned. data.


@mojo Thank you - excellent explanation. I can see all of the areas you are talking about except for the last condition: I don’t see a Focus Item call in the campaign conditions (screenshot of options below). I am using 3.3.2, though, not 4.1. Perhaps that was added in 4.1?


Don’t use “red” Conditions - use “blue” Actions :wink:
Focus Item are in Actions tab.

Very old ver od DOC on Actions | Mautic
dosn’t shows Focus Items on Actions tab :frowning: but belive me - there are :wink:

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OK, understood and thanks again.

After a little more googling a found that Show Focus Items only shows up as an Action “blue” option if it comes after a ‘Visits a page’ Decision “green”.

Just something to keep in mind for someone reading this later.

Hi @ericgr is this solution working in your case?

Hello @mojo
For the sake of testing, I tried this method with a test segment but the focus item didn’t show up.


You should check out this post.

@mojo can you show the value for your visits a page decision. Focus items are always expecting a trailing /. You can also use the wildcard

Second issue is to check your console to see if there are any errors (what web server are you running ?)

And third make sure your cronjob are setup correctly to update + trigger the campaign