How to track CTA on Mautic

We’d like to track better the CTAs to see how many clicks and what’s the CTR. Is there any option where I can see it?

I saw on the announciments here: An update on the Mautic 5 release schedule that on Mautic 5 we have the option to see it for the contacts. Can we do it for the Call-To-Actions?

Thank you.

CTA meaning clicks in emails? On landing pages?
Or you mean tracking sales?

Hi Joey,

In this case, it’s about the clicks on Call to Action in emails. We’d like to generate CTR to analyze.

For example, we have a button (CTA) in the email to take the user to a form or a landing page. Is there any chance we could track the Clicks Through Rate on this button?


Is the question if there is a PERCENTAGE shown?
The data should be available after you open the emails:

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thanks for sharing.