How to update Mautic version by version?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
My PHP version is:7.4
My Database type and version is: not sure

Your problem
My problem is: I tried to upgrade direct to 4.4.3 and things got weird. So I rolled back. Now I want to go version by version.

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: I update via cli using the command

php /var/www/mautic/bin/console mautic:update:apply

But that pulls in the latest version. How can specify rather what version to use?

Hey @robm

I know we have chatted about this and I never got back to you, so did a quick search and found it out.

I first ran php console Mautic:update:apply --help and got the following:

So what you would need to do is go and use wget to get the version you want and then run this command:

php console mautic:update:apply --update-package=/path/to/

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