Update in command line on a specific version

Hello everyone,

When upgrading Mautic, is it possible to allow us to choose the version we want to upgrade to?
For example:

mautic:update:apply --version 4.1.2

The concrete use case: currently version 4.2.0 suffers from several bugs making it difficult to use Mautic in production. It is therefore legitimate to wish to be able to upgrade Mautic to 4.1.2 instead of the latest version.

What do you think about it?


mautic:update:apply --update-package.4.1.2-update.zip

:point_up_2: This was the format in the past. Give it a try buy changing version number and downloading the version you want from GH

Hello @EJL,

I have test this command, I have this error message :

The "--update-package.4.1.2-update.zip" option does not exist.

Any idea where I can find the relevant documentation on this issue?