How to view all the users actions - like contacts added, notes added ... etc

Using Mautic 4, how we can view users changes. One post said “Look into the audit_log table. All the user actions are recorded there”, is there mautic way to do that or do database query from under Mautic?

Before you can have the right answer, can you confirm:

  1. You are looking to see a “Mautic System User” actions and changes
  2. You are trying to see what happened to a “Mautic Contact”
  3. You are trying to see an aggregate of all “Mautic Contacts”?

Regards: Joey

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No. 1, trying to see system users (our marketing team) actions and changes to contacts, for example what are the latest notes added to contacts, emails, contacts created …etc

That is possible only from the DB.

Any one has a database query example to get latest changes to contacts (notes, emails)?

The audit log database has created/updated notes but there is no indication of the contact id or name. How you can tell who the note was create for?