Tracking users actions within mautic

Does anyone know whether is possible to track logged users actions within mautic?
Meaning within a team using the same mautic instance, someone creates a form or deletes a contact and so on…

Most of the actions are tracked in the DB.
Start looking at the audit log.

This query for example gives you all logins and user creation / deletion etc:

SELECT * FROM `audit_log `where object = 'security'

This would give you email creation, updates etc.

SELECT * FROM `audit_log `where object = 'email'

Delete contact isn’t since they are deleted. There is a plugin, that doesn’t let you delete, just encrypt deleted contacts (GDPR Plugin): Mautic Plugins - LeadEngine (No affiliation)

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thank you, basically I’m trying to understand if someone disconnected some form fields

SELECT *FROM `audit_log`where object = 'form'LIMIT 50

Check the json value - you can see the changes done by which person. I can’t help you further, but I think the info is there.

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