How to wait for an event in campaign builder?

Hi, i’m coming from activecampaign, getresponse and dozen more.
I was unable to find a “wait” block. Did I missed it?
I use this in 3 different scenarios.

  1. First email - I wait 1 hour for it to be opened or clicked. If that does not happen I send a reminder to the lead. Then I wait up to 5-7 days before removing the lead.

  2. Waiting List - lead that are interested in the promo are keeped into a wait block of 365 days until i decided the next promotion and attach a sequence to it.

  3. Cart abandonement - I wait 1 hour after the visit to checkout to contact the customer about his abandoned cart.

For option 2 use a segment to hold all the contacts that are interested in a promo. U can then use the segment to initiate a campaign when you are ready.

For option 3 I place all adandoned baskest contacts in a segment, and use that segement to trigger a campaign. Then I use the send email action in the campaign builder and set a wait time of 1 hr in the configuration of the send email action step.

Unsure how to handle option 1 but I am sure there is a way. Segment or form to trigger campaign. 1st action is to send the email. Then set a condition to see if the email is opened. If no, wait 1 hr and send another email. Unsure how to delay checking the for the condition though… @mikew - how would you do this?

The wait actions are usually inside the action steps configuration element in the campaign builder.

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