HUBSPOT changing its API access to private apps. How does this impact mautic integration to hubspot CRM?

Hello all!

I recently received an email from Hubspot stating the changes coming to API access to Private apps by November 30, 2022. I was wondering how would this impact our current integration Hubspot?

The HubSpot plugin is not working for one of our customers. In the logs we found this error:

A form with an empty name cannot have a parent form

We then found out that the Mautic plugin (v4.4) is not yet ready for the upcoming switch to Private Apps.
That was supposed to go live on November 30, 2022. But apparently you can’t create new API Keys already.

We have prioritized this at now and will put a PR in the Mautic community soon.

For now, you either have to find a way to create an old API KEY, or else wait for the PR.

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I am interested as well. is there any documentation for this integration ?
I mean what permission should I give to that application ?