I can't save the email template

Your software 3.3.2
My PHP version is : 7.3

My problem is :
The email template is not saved after editing the email.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :
check the read and write permissions on my hosting and clear the cache.check the read and write permissions on my hosting clear the cache. but the problem is not solved.

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Current settings
Mautic : 3.3.2
PHP : 7.4.15
MYSQL v.5.6


I am afraid I have the same problem.
I have downloaded from scratch Mautic and I am unable to create any email.
I can access:

the panel for new emails,
the advanced panel,
the builder to create emails…
But after that, I am unable to save anything.

When I create a beginning of a email directly in the database, I can access it through the email panel, change some parameters from the panels, but am not able to have access to the html zone of the builder (the right command panel of the builder appears, but the email zone is empty).

Is this problem already known and solved ?

Thanks in advance.

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OK !
It was the firewall.
After desactivating it, email creation is working !
Thanks, Joeyk !

I have also set the firewall to authorize operations coming from my IP.
So I do not need to desactivate completely the firewall.

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Thank you very much for sharing the solution. I would like to know the steps to configure the IP in firewall.

Bonjour Freddy,

It depends on your firewall software.

In mine, there is a possibility to remove all controls for a specific IP.

That is what I did.

But I do not know all the firewall softwares…

Bonne journée (have a happy day) !

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sir i am using mautic 5 and i have the same problem, i cant save the email template but mautic is onmy cpanel and i dont have acces to whm so icant authorize my ip from whm what can i do?

I also have problems with Email themes

is it related to this issue?

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