I have "campaign builders block" - Whats the best way to create ongoing weekly email marketing campaigns?

Hey there, I am suffering from “Mautic campaign builders block” and need community help

Maybe you have a suggestion that will kick start me again?

My goal is simple.

Create a few campaigns that send marketing emails to contacts weekly. Seems straight fwd to start with.

  1. Create a segment with filters to create the email list.

  2. Create a campaign of (for example) 10 emails all sent out 1 week apart. Easy!

But next I need another campaign to send the next 10 emails, then another with another 10 emails and so on and so on.

I am breaking things up into blocks of 10 so I don’t have to create 52 emails (1 years’s worth) all in one go and I am trying to figure out the simplest way to do this.

Ideally I would like all campaigns to be triggered by the same segment to avoid have additional segments just to trigger a campaign.

But the challenge is when I eventually have 5 campaigns set up, all with 10 emails, when a new contact enters the segment they will get emails from all 5 campaigns simultaneously. There must be a clever way to use 1 segment to trigger all 5 campaigns but have the campaigns fire one after each other chronologically.

Any suggestions? I can make this happen using multiple segments and / or tags but they all get a bit complicated and messy.

I feel like there is simple way to do this that I am missing…

Add a tag at the end of each block of 10, like “block1completed”, duplicate your segment filter, but add with tag “block1completed”, so you end up with a segment for each campaign as well, then each campaign, this works if you want everyone to get emails 1 through xxx in sequence, you will have a tag block1completed, block2completed, etc for each campaign, and the filter for the next segment requires that previous block tag (in addition to whatever makes them part of the list)

Thanks, that will work but I am trying to avoid having multiple segments and tags, but your suggested method will def work.

I was also thinking of adding a wait period to the 1st action of each campaign. The wait period for each campaign would be adjusted to give time for the previous campaign to complete. Each new contact would be added to each campaign simultaneously but the wait period would allow the emails for all campaigns to be delivered chronologically.

Can you foresee any issues with that approach?

It would be difficult to track where a person was in the process would be the only immediate concern I can think of.

You can set the last action in a campaign, to change campaigns.