I want to send 30000 mails in an hour

I want to send 30K emails in an hour. What should I change to make that happen?

Why don’t you just do? Whats preventing you from it? Without the information we can’t tell you what you need to change?

I mean, I want to send 30k emails in an hour. Where should I go and increase the limit? In Mautic Email configuration?

Perhaps this post will help you: Mautic don`t send emails - #6 by joeyk

@riazul - What limit are you talking about?

Are you using a hosted service? Talk to your service provider.
Are you self hosting? Which mail transport service are you using? Is it giving you a limit? Find out how to increase it.

I can recommend using Amazon SES as the SMTP service provider:

Let’s assume you have your own SMTP or you use a third party SMTP, like Amazon (which is my recommendation as well.)

When you first start sending there are usually 2 problems:

  1. Amazon let’s me send at 20 email / sec, but Mautic only sends 2-3 emails / sec.

  2. My open rate is too low, is am I loosing emails in the process?

  3. How to increase your sending speed:
    First measure it, and try to figure out why is it slow. A 4 core, 8 gig ram server will send queued messages by 2-5 email / sec. That is only 18.000 / hour. You need to send multi thread, and time things perfectly. I suggest to use the --help parameter of mautic:emails:send command to learn more

  4. How to adjust sending speed:
    Once you figure out how to send fast, you need to limit not to send too fast.
    I suggest to measure your speed and check the --help how to limit messages sent by cron cycle, this way you can limit how many emails you are sending per command execution.

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Thanks all Solved my issue.

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