Import contacts, field Properties Owner by username

Im importing contacts, I can map all fields from the .csv to the fields in Mautic except one field:


Does anyone know what to call the field Owner by username to map that automatically?

If you have the name in the csv matched up with the alias name for that field in Mautic, than it could be caused by an issue with formatting in the csv file. We noticed that our Mautic did not like it when we exported our CSV files with the row delimiter being \n instead of "default’, which caused one field not to automatically match up, even though it had the same name and everything.

Thanks @carlosatfongo whats the alias for “Owner by username” property field?

I don’t have that field in my mautic setup so I’m not sure. I recommend going to the Custom Fields page and you should be able to find the field and the alias there, assuming it’s already there.

@carlosatfongo Thats not a custom field, its a property.

I’m not sure then, I’m sorry. I haven’t interacted with properties before.