Include campaign name in email sent from campaign

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.5
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is: MariaDB something

Your problem
My problem is:

  • I want to send myself an email whenever a person submits a form on my site
  • My site has multiple forms
  • There is one campaign per form, and they all have a send email action, which is how I send myself emails

The problem is that I can’t tell which form was submitted because this is what the email looks like:

Someone submitted a form:

  • First Name: {contactfield=firstname}

  • Last Name: {contactfield=lastname}

  • Phone: {contactfield=phone}

  • Email: {contactfield=email}

I could of course create a separate email item for each campaign that manually includes the name of the form/campaign, but that’s annoying especially since the emails will all be basically identical.

Some I’m wondering, is there a token that I can add to identify the source of the campaign and/or form which sent the email? E.g. like Someone submitted a form for {campaign} or New submission for form {form} (or a better solution?)


I do it differently and you might want to look into form properties under “Action” to have it send you an email.

When I create a form, I use the action under the form properties to send me an email when a form is submitted. This way I don’t have to depend on campaign or cronjob to send a form to me and I can just duplicate the same form for a new form on our site which already have the action “send email” set up on it.

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I tried doing that before, but ran into the same issue where I’d have to make a custom email every time. However, I just looked again and noticed there’s a separate “Send form results” action which does exactly what I need. It even lets you reply to the contact directly :smiley:

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