Use Form Fields inside an email in a campaign

Does anyone know how I could use the form fields captured in a form inside an email inside a campaign.

Form 1 is filled out. Not all fields are being mapped to a custom field as simply not needed.

Campaign is setup to begin with Form Submission.

Condition 1. Direct form results to User1 based on criteria inside the form (this is possible inside the campaign)
Send form results to User 1. I am stuck here, have tried calling the details inside an internal mail

Name: {formfield=f_name}
Email Address: {formfield=email_address}
Contact Reason: {formfield=contact_reason}
Message: {formfield=f_message}

Unfortunately not working.

I know if I go and map these fields to custom fields I will be able to use them inside the campaign and achieve what I want, however would like to know if I am missing something here on implementing in the most efficient way.



too bad this is not working. This might be possible to implement via custom plugin you just need to register formfiled as a token (you might be required to also pass form id into the token somehow).

Might be fun to implement.

it seems the formfield tokens are not available in the campaign, you can still use those tokens in the Form action “Send Form Result” and I believe it could also be used in the action “Send e-mail to user” but those actions are always executed, while in campaign you have the ability to include a condition