Increase Mautic soft bounce threshold higher than 5 attempts

i understand that Mautic has a soft bounce threshold of 5 attempts. Once reached the email contact is marked DNC.

Is it possible to increase this limit?

Now without changing the core, as its hardcoded.

In that case is it possible to limit or modify the default number of delivery attempts for all campaign emails?

For example set the campaign default to use two delivery attempts only. So the hardcoded 5 attempts is not reached.

I mean not via configuration or any GUI as far I know. If I remember correctly the hardcoded limit is in one of the event subscribers and its for the emails in general (so the same mechanism is sending emails in or out of the campaigns).

Regards, M.

Thanks for your reply. I will look at other ways to limit retries.


Also good to know which smtp are you using? Not all of them report softbounce as softbounce.