Install Mautic on AWS Free tier

I want to use Mautic to automate email campaigns for an email list containing less than 10k emails, which means newsletters, welcome emails, and autoresponder follow-up campaigns…, what are the minimum VPS server specs to manage a 10k, 5k, or at least 2k email list?

AWS free tier offers a preinstalled Mautic from their marketplace with 1 GB ram/1 CPU, will this instance do the job for the 10k, 5k, or at least 2k email list?
(No bulk emails, just emails collected with paid ads and small campaigns)
Thank you very much.

@finlino We use Mautic on
8GB RAM and 4CPU’s
With a hybrid of ngnix/apache and php 7.4.x
This works for our needs.

I would advise you choose a slightly higher spec - rather than trying to save costs. You will be thankful later.