Integration and Multi-Site Management Capabilities Inquiry

I am considering utilizing Mautic for managing marketing campaigns across my network of websites. I have several specific questions and needs and would like to get more information regarding the following aspects:

  1. Multi-Site Management:
  • Can Mautic support over 100 websites, aggregate user data from all these sites into one place, and manage their data centrally?
  1. Integration with Advertising Platforms:
  • Is there built-in or recommended integration with online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads? If so, what integration features are available?
  1. Retargeting and Advertising Campaigns:
  • Can the data collected by Mautic be used to create retargeting advertising campaigns on these advertising platforms? If so, can this process be automated through Mautic?
  1. Monitoring and Analysis:
  • Does Mautic provide tools for monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns across different platforms?

I would appreciate any information or recommendations you can provide regarding these questions. Thank you for your time and assistance.


  1. Multi-Site Management:
    Question: are we talking abuot one company tracking it’s own contacts?
    Or 100 company tracking their own sites in 1 Mautic?

  2. Integration with Advertising Platforms:
    What do you want to do? Generic answer is yes, but if you ask what exactly you wanna do you might get a better answer. For example: can a stone be used for cooking? Sure. Heat it up and drop it in the water. But there are better ways.

  3. Retargeting and Advertising Campaigns:
    If you are master of Google Adwords and Facebook + you can write code then yes. If you want to hand over to a Marketing person, who can’t read a json object, then no.

  4. Monitoring and Analysis:
    Mautic collects this data a lot better then other tools. But you need to have customizations and maybe third party reporting to make it happen.

If you are looking for a turnkey tool, that does all the above then the short answer is no.
But many Mautic users overcame the chalenges above with customizations, patiance, some coding, patience, more patience and cooperation with others. And more patience.

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