Integration of Mautic and Website both hosted on diferent places

I have a Mautic Instance hosted on an intranet infrastructure and in other hand i have a website hosted on a external web hosting service. Is it possible to integrate Mautic with my website even knowing that they are hosted in diferent places?
It is recomended?
Or they must be hosted on the same platform?


As long as your instance of Mautic is accessible from the web and not closed only inside your intranet there is no problem and even recommended they do not sit on the same platform.

You do need to make sure that the CORS and X server is set up correctly if you have them on different domains. You can search the forms for how as it’s pretty well documented.

Ok, thank you @mikew .
So this also applies to integration with social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc…) right?

Thanks @patrickeidemiller