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Integromat Mautic Error

Your software
My PHP version is : PHP Version 7.3.20

Updating/Installing Errors
I am attempting to use Integromat.

These errors are showing in the Mautic log :
I am not seeing errors in the logs. I am new to Mautic and may not be looking into the right location.

Your problem
My problem is : I am attempting to create a scenario with Integromat. I have created my API credentials and followed the Integromat documentation:

When I attempt to connect Mautic and it is verifying the connection I get the following error:
[404] Requested URL not found: /api/users/self

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :
I am looked around on the support forums and Google but am not finding anything that can help.

Hi it seems to be the similar issue as here
Have you tried clearing the cache?

Hi, sorry for the delay. I did try clearing the cache.

We are having same issue, trying to integrate integromat and we have the same 404 error. Any tip? Thanks.

Any solution to this issue ? :s

Hey guys, I had the same error but clearing the cache seemed to resolve it. For others, since it took me a while to work this out, these are the steps I took to clear the cache:

  1. Access CPANEL->File Directory
  2. Navigate to Mautic installation folder
  3. Right click cache folder
  4. Click delete
  5. Head back to integromat
  6. Follow connection instructions
  7. Connection verified

Hope that this helps others

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