iRedMail or other self hosted email with Mautic?

Considering iRedmail (or alternatives) for self-hosting email sends with Mautic to avoid using Amazon SES or similar.

Pros / cons for a non-techie like myself to integrate this with Mautic? Anyone gone this route and would suggest it?

There’s a guide I was going to follow here in order to get Mautic (and possibly iredmail) set up … he has a step-by-step guide for setting up both … Shall I go for it or other suggestions?

Thank you!

Hey Paul.

LinuxBabe also has a tutorial on Modoboa which is pretty good, however this setup (I guess for redmail) is a little more technical.

For the cost of sending emails I would stick with a standard ESP like SendGrid or spark post.

Hi Mike, will check it out, thanks. Linuxbabe in the Mautic setup tutorial links to his tutorial for iredmail so I assumed that’s what he would recommend – but will check out Modoboa as well …

As far as having my own email server, it’s just a thought at this stage – but would potentially avoid other people’s experiences of being wrongly cut off from Amazon SES for some reason… but still considering SES as well.

Thinking, at this stage, for ease of use and cost effectiveness that it’s hard to beat Amazon SES for use with Mautic for sending? – and I’d continue to use my Bluehost shared hosting (where my Wordpress site is anyway) for sending/receiving emails outside of Mautic.

I have no expereince with SES besides what I have read on the forums. Depends on how much mail you are sending. There are so many providers that are integrated with Mautic. You can use SendGrid and send up to 40K per month for $14.99 or 100K per month for $29.99. Sparkpost has similar prices, there is elasticemail, mailgun and others.

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