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email issue

Hi Kat

Hi Kat

Can you show me your email setting?

Hi bchiam, what email settings do you require?

Yes, I’m using

I saw it is your cloud based issue.

You can consider self hosted :slight_smile: I’m actually using self hosted solution of mautic. Very powerfully done.

Yes I can consider cloud hosted. But not sure if I can set this up myself. Also, I have about 20 forms and campaigns now in the cloud based account. It would take ages to set this up again. :frowning: Do you know what the issue is with the cloud based mautic?

What i do mean is self hosting account. So you can manage it yourself. I host it myself actually.

If you are currently using cloud based mautic platform, you can try exporting them out and self host yourself so much better u have full control of it.

They might face technical issue on their end. If everyone is using same solution under their cloud, might be overloaded issue.

That is also one of the reason why i chose my own server to host it.

That is also one of the reason why i chose my own server to host it.

I found here that exporting data from cloud to self-hosted is not possible.

In which case, self-hosted won’t be an option for me right now. I’m stuck at cloud. :confused:

Thank you for your advice @bchiam. I guess I will need to figure out in the next days, how to get my data across. Building everything from scratch sounds like a nightmare… But if you SAY that self-hosted is more reliable when it comes to email sending (?) than I will have to switch for sure. Otherwise what’s the point in using Mautic, if the main function is broken.

Kat, i do agree that self hosted is so much better u have full control.

What is your websites, maybe I can take a look. i see how i can help.

Thank you for all your help. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sure no problem Kat