Is There A Way To Use Sender Domain Address And A Different From Email Address

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.16.0
My PHP version is: 7.3


I don’t really have a problem but more of a question.

I have spent countless hours looking at the forum to no avail. Please if anyone can help, I would immensely appreciate your time.

I have Amazon SES setup. I created a subdomain (I am not using my root domain just in case I get blacklisted as it will only affect my subdomain) called I will preface this subdomain with as the valid sender domain email address for outgoing messages. However, I want to be able to hide this address when the recipient receives my email.

I want the from email address field to show By the way, I have another email server setup up with Siteground to be able to view any incoming messages sent to

There is only one email address field I see in Mautic (see image below:).

So, I am forced to use as the email address in Mautic, which will also show up as the from address to my recipients.

How can I tell Mautic to use as the sender domain email AND specify as the from email address (to mask the long ugly sender domain email)?

Again, I have spent so much time in trying to find answers to this question. Any help would be very much welcomed and appreciated!


You can also change the reply-to email per email level, maybe that helps?
You can see this when you create an email on the advanced tab.

So your emails will come from but when the reader replies it goes to

Yes I am aware of that but still, I don’t want me recipients to see the long ugly subdomain email address from the from email address header.

I believe as soon as I create a campaign, I will see the sender domain field but I am not sure. I also need to add another domain in Mautic for support called If someone buys my product on my wordpress site, they will get an automatic order notification. I will not be creating separate campaigns for the support domain.

Outgoing emails will be triggered when someone buys a product on my website, so can configure such a setup in Mautic?