Is there any example to deploy Mautic on AWS?

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My PHP version is :
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My problem is : Is there any example to deploy Mautic on AWS? The basis on AWS is unknown to me.

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I have seen some install on EC2 or ECS, however is there any example of using lambda or Fargate?

How to launch Mautic cron jobs on AWS Lambda or AWS Batch?

Hey @wph524 I recently implemented Mautic on AWS EC2 using the guide at Install Mautic 4.4.8 on Ubuntu 22.04 + PHP 8.0 + MariaDB 10.6 and some youtube videos. ChatGPT can be useful with setup and troubleshooting if you’re new to EC2 / Ubuntu.

Lambda is typically for stateless server functions so probably not a good fit with a LAMP-stack server like Mautic.

If anyone needs assistance with installing or maintaining mautic instance, I can offer an assistance.

I need assistance with installing mastic on local pc. I installed but cannot send email automatically.


did you configure email settings?

Also configure email to be sent immediately for locally installed mautic. If you use queue mode you also need to run cronjobs in order to send emails.

Regards, M.

Thank you. I will try it.

Where is the email settings? I cannot find it in the settings directly.

Thank you!

I succeeded to send test email, but I cannot send email from campaign.

I cannot add contact to segment manually.

Check that the campaigns cronjob is actually running: < Cron jobs | Mautic >.

Is there any entry in /var/logs when you try to add contact to the segment?