Issue while configuring multiple sending gmail accounts

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My Mautic version is:
My PHP version is:

Your problem
I want to automate my email marketing tasks using Mautic.

I usually send emails via simple gmils accounts (not using google workspace emails )

And I have 20 Gmail accounts But I am nit finding a way to add them all into my mautic.

I want mautic to add them all and auto rotate emils while sending emails.

I have searched tge community but didn’t find a satisfying answer for adding multiple gmail account.

Previously I was using for email marketing but then I heared about the reputation of mautic and its vast capabilities and moved to mautic.

Kindly do share your valuable thoughts and solution if anyone knows about it.

Super easy:
This plugin will make it possible:

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Thank you @joeyk for your suggestion.
But Here is one problem:

They don’t have Mautic-5 compatible version.

Moreover I am looking for some opensource plugin or solution!

and shouldn’t it a part of core Mautic?
I am very new to Mautic so I don’t know why we can’t have multiple smtp’s in core Mautic setup?

There is a Mautic 4 version.
There is no open souce version, and it is very time consuming to create and maintain such a plugin.

If you would ask someone to code this plugin you would need to calculate with the followings:
2 hours brief
10 hours coding
2 hours testing
1 hour debugging

That is 15 hours minimum.

A plugin like this will allow you to add marketing email provider like Amazon SES to your Mautic to leverage it’s great IP pool to deliver your marketing messages.
At the same time you have the choice to send using other SMTP methods directly from any other SMTP based on Email / Owner of the contact.

Perfect for cold outreach, account management or any multi domain environment.
All pretty much profit oriented areas. If you make profit, why don’t you pay the fraction of the 15 hours someone spent on creating it?

Disclosure: I don’t have any affiliate with this plugin, but I’m happy it was created!

I would love to pay for it.
Because whenever we use opensource we also support it and sponsor it.

I am just confused as Mautic is a big name for marketing automation.
But it lacks this feature.

I have used listmonk and it has less options but it still has multiple smtp server capability.

I wanna understand this science why we don’t have such a great option in core setup.

It’s our organizational policy to sponsor open source when we are using them and earning from them.

Other focus I guess. Mautic has 100 other features what is not available in listmonk. :slight_smile: Look at Mailwizz, you can also do multiple sending servers out of the box, but campaign builder sux.

But multiple SMTP often requires Multiple tracking domain capability.
That requires multiple JS rewriting for page tracking.
And you might want to enjoy Multi-smtp email fetching as well.

Mautic tries to make a leaner code, not to be forced to maintain everything.

Got you.

So for now we have no solution for Mautic-5 except the one you mentioned above for Mautic-4.

This works on M5 and M4.
The workaround would be to configure a local post office and use it as a relay between those accounts. This way Mautic’s config holds psw and login of 1 email account, which works for all Gmail accounts.
The individual emails hold the sender email respective to the sender you choose.
I have seen a solution in the forum 2 years ago, but can’t remember who wrote it.


There you go:

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