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Multiple SMTP settings for different mailing segments

Just wanted to ask if the above functionality for this use case example is possible:
Segment 1 contains all other email addresses
Segment 2 contains only Gmail email addresses

Is there a way to configure the SMTP settings so that it would use, for example, Amazon SES for Segment 1 and another SMTP for segment 2?

If no, are there any plugins that can enable this functionality?

There isn’t right now, but I’ll be interested in chipping for the development in for this one.
We should include:

  1. you need proper domain records for all sending method. Some verification would be nice.
  2. we could combine this with using different tracking domain (CNAME mautic install)
  3. When you send out a campaign, you could choose which sending method you want to use.

In my opinion this feature is very much targeted for marketers, who would like to use Mautic as an alternative tool to expensive marketing tools. We could pay for this development and enlarge Mautic’s userbase with these marketers.

I would throw in $100 for this development, how much would you be ready to spend on this one?