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DNC & Transactional Emails

I think @joeyk has already made a video about this in the past, however I was not able to find it.

If a user is marked as DNC will they still receive transactional emails ?

No, only direct email and form action email will ignore DNC.

Here is the full video:

Thank for reposting this @joeyk

I wonder if this is something that should be considered for a feature or an option to enable.

Inherently transactional emails are or could be considered ‘system crytical’ like password reset and if someone has flagged themselves as DNC, and then does such a request, they will never get that email.

I can work around this with campaigns by removing the DNC, sending out the email, then reading to DNC.

What do you think


It is an importatn feature, that would create a balance in Force.
And also the way we handle transactional vs marketing emails.

There is a PR to be merged in 4.1, that might address this issue:

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Please also see:

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Thank you for this link @rcheesley . Does it mean, that this PR won’t be merged until the project is not closed? Is the next step to start the discussion?

I think we need to decide if we want to apply a sticking plaster, or fix the underlying issue.

My preference would be to fix the underlying problem, personally, but if folks wanted to use the PR above as a workaround if it’s an urgent problem for them and can’t wait for the work next year, they could do that.

The discussion should happen in the PR really, and a product decision made as to which direction we want to take and whether this solution would be required if we go down separating out the transactional/operational and marketing emails.