Issues with Mautic Campaign Emails: Link Clicks and Lead Scoring Hindered by Outlook Screening?

Mautic Version: v4.4.9
PHP Version 8.0.30
Installed Oct 15, 2023
Tech Stack:
Email SMTP: Microsoft Outlook through Go-daddy
DNS records @ Siteground
Hetzner VPN
Run cloud - C-Panel server admin

Hello, this is my second go-round with Mautic. I like the system and its abilities.
We use the system to send marketing and transactional emails to our current customers.
We use Neverbounce for any email opt-in requests.
Problem: When sending campaign emails, the emails are being read, and all links are clicked before leaving the outgoing server.
The incoming server is still getting these emails for the most part; however, because of the “Screening process” by what seems to us to be the Outlook servers, the lead scoring feature is not functional.

Thank you for all your comments

most email servers and security programs scan email content and links for anything malicious and for spam scoring.