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There are no errors its just that there is nothing showing please see below


There are no errors its just that there is nothing showing please see below

Linkedin integration currently only supports the share button and thus does not require authorization.

LinkedIn has a pretty strict developer program and one we may not even be able to use based on a quick glance at their developer TOS. But we will continue to explore options and hopefully get something into a future release.


Hello Allen and Emailready, The way that LinkedIn is continuing to tighten their rules on there TOS it doesn’t seem to look like there is going to be slack let up anytime soon. Especially since they are a publicly traded company and do not want to anger their investors by opening up the flood gates for automation. With the developer account only allowing share buttons it seems that the developer accounts for LinkedIn are pretty useless.

With that said the value of utilizing LinkedIn and integrating it somehow with current business systems holds great value for getting connections that are ready to buy if done by creating messaging automation, cross social impressions for higher visibility, automated post liking, and custom data tags, which can be implemented by downloading all of your LinkedIn contacts to an external database. IFFF is great for automating the export of your LinkedIn contacts but it too has its limitations. The LinkedIn smart phone app actually allows you to export all contacts and contact information to your phone and if you are really savvy you can write a quick shell script that can open Google automatically use Google advanced search and search for public profiles on LinkedIn via Google search. A tip for that is to search for the @ symbol as a keyword specifically and it can list hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of instant warm targeted leads complete with email addresses and in most public profiles the phone numbers are located less that 10 - 30 characters from the email addresses which means when google shows the snippets of 170 characters the phone numbers will show as well if the public profile has a phone number added. The sneaky way to get around LinkedIns TOS without being kicked off of LinkedIn or getting black listed is to create an automated headless browser that has set rules for random timing for set actions. I have included a link for the headless browser I recommend. Manipulate the code to simulate human behavior and you can automate the messaging, you can automate the time intervals between sending out messages, you can integrate a number of automated actions if you know how to program the sky is the limit. If you do go the bypass TOS route I would create a new LinkedIn account for testing purposes to see how far you can push your limits and add another layer of protection against getting blacklisted You can utilize IPvanish to ensure your normal IP doesn’t getting blacklisted. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan of a backup plan

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Please excuse any typos or grammar errors in my previous post to include the wrong spelling of your first name Alan. I am replying using my iPhone and the autocorrect doesn’t always work as I would like.