Lock a field where it cannot be updated via form or import

Is there a way to lock a contact field like the first and last name so it cannot be changed via import or online form on the second time if using the same email address?

We imported our employees list into Mautic and we have online form for employees to sign up for certain events in our organization and many of them are filling out the form but using initial which is fine with us as long they use their work email however it’s replacing the first name and last name we imported in with initial or nickname whatever they fill in the first and last name on the online form.

Also, we have other department creating their own version of excel where first name and last name can be partial etc and it’s overwriting the first entry if it contain the same email.

If you wanted to actually lock some custom plugin development would be required. However, why not just ask for an email then if you do not want to override the first and last name?

Or create customized link for everyone where first and last name would get prefilled. As for the other excel files just remove first and last name from the file.

One other thing. I would create two custom fields real_firstname, real_lastname initialize it, with the values from your database and then even if you use first and last name field on the form, you can always restore back to the original value. It may not be the best approach, but its probably the fastest

We use Mautic for both internal employee communication and external marketing. Many of our employees want to be on both so we don’t want employee to be able to change their names when they sign up for external marking material but we don’t want to create a duplicate contact field or contact itself.

Mautic is one reason why we shift over to it from another application were we could use just one application to maintain both internal and external uses without having to create list of contact for each segment etc.

The tag features make it a whole world lot easier! We fell in love with Mautic and never looking back again but of course there are some enchantments or features we which to see in Mautic maybe like adding a lock in field custom edit so we can put a lock on certain contact fields where it can’t be modified or updated by outside source like online form or import but it can be modified by admin via edit button within Mautic.

Again if you do not want to change the fields just do not put it on form. Is that simple. If you still need first and last name for external purposes just create another form.

I cannot think of a simpler solution. It requires zero coding and its just a matter of using the Mautic right.

I completely understand what you’re saying but we have an unique reason for needing this function.

The worker names are imported and/or updated by us into Mautic also each are tagged based on department or area that they work in.

The online form for external marketing is offered to both workers and the public. We need names on form for those who are not a worker to fill out because those who does fill in home address online form will received a printed booklet from us mailed to them. Same with our workers, those who does fill in address also can receive a printed booklet in mail from us.

Campaign will notify our publisher if the street address was filled in to mail a booklet to them. And sometime they would just put in initial as name and input the whole street address which just replace the name that we imported into Mautic.

The public names we don’t care but we face issue where worker would fill out first name with a name of the organization where they want the free booklet mail to using their own email address and again it updates their names with whatever they input into the form. We do not want to create two seperate form one for workers and one for public etc.

We are a “not for profit” worldwide organization so our workers are spreaded all over across the world at different locations and so are our donors. Even many of our workers are also our donors.

Why not two separate forms?

Given everything you wrote here, the choice you have left is subscribing to the right Symfony events and reset the lead value of read only fields (that is read-only from form and import perspective).

I would like to add here that I don’t expect this feature or enchantment to be included in future version even thou it would be nice to have if other see the need for it.

I was only asking to see if it was possible with current version that is all. If not, then that okay, we will find a way or a solution ourselves.

Like what you mentioned earlier @mzagmajster is to create a custom field for real first and last name etc. We do have several custom field with different name for each contact like spouse’s name and also the “dear” name which normally hold the nickname because some of our donors rather be called by the nickname so we have Dear {nickname here}, at the beginning of the email etc.

It just we feel we are overdoing our use of custom field LOL …

Thanks for the feedback!

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The only way I can think of is the “Don’t overwrite value if already exists” option when importing (although that will go for all the fields in the import file). As for forms, I don’t have a suggestion, unfortunately.


I don’t remember seeing that “Don’t overwrite value if exist” option in the import. I will have to take a look and check again.

That may be something which could work for us.

Thank you for pointing it out! We will check it out.

Good to know about your experience using Mautic. Would you mind sharing us a review on G2?


Anyone can also share their feedback G2.