Is it possible to keep first name and last name blank and use some single-field name equalent?

I noticed that Mautic actually become a barrier with sticking to first/last name strategy.
We are using now the same approach for years, but wanting to switch to single-field “Name” strategy because we think it is:

  • Allow to visually simplify and speed up signup process
  • Allow users from cultures with different name writing traditions register without worrying where a part of his name should be written to. This matters for Asian users who write their family name first as I know.
  • Asking for First and Last name gives sense for extra formality during registration. Splitting name for first and last part automatically does not always work due to cultural differences mentioned above.

Is it possible to keep first and last name blank and use some other name field instead?

Mautic is super flexible, you can anytime create your own field (Text), and call it Name, and just use it everywhere instead of First and Last name. Any field you created can be used as token, or in Forms when you are mapping data.


What @joeyk said. To give you a more visual answer, simply go to the panel located on the right-side of your Mautic instance in the Custom Fields section:

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 11.35.10

Then you can create a custom field there:

And finally use it in your emails or in your Forms :slight_smile:


What??? Mr. Robot? :laughing:

Sadly for you, I am just user from different time zone

Well, I seen a lot of names like this. e. g. Integration Server

Yes, I know about custom fields, we use plenty of them. Actually my question was about whether these fields required/mandatory (must have value)? I seen across StackOverflow few questions where these fields has been claimed to be mandatory regardless of settings. So before going to an experiment I created this thread because it was unclear the aspects of firstName and lastName fields.