Login is not working

I did clear cache from the below command

php app/console cache:clear

After that I cannot be able to login back to mautic.

I see the login page normally but when I enter username and password it is not working.

I see last error in my log as below,

mautic.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception JSMin_UnterminatedStringException: "JSMin: Unterminated String at byte 138349: '); // Insert your pixel ID here."

please help.

I am not skilled enough to interpret the log error but I am not sure its connected with your issue. Clearing the cache should not affect your login details.

Have your tried password recovery?
Check in your database to see the user login name. U won’t be able to see your password but at least you can see what user names Mautic has listed.

Hi robm,

Thank you for your help.

I got this fixed. I did fix folder permission and clear cache. Everything was back to normal.
Thank you.