Login Portal not working, password reset not working "The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form"

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.3
My PHP version is: 7.1.32-1+0~20190902.23+debian9~1.gbp9d1be7

Your problem
My problem is: I cannot log into Mautic, when I put in the correct username and password for 2 accounts it reloads as if nothing happened. When I go to reset the password 95% if the time it does not work and comes up with “The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form”

Same issue as here: https://github.com/mautic/mautic/issues/5614

These errors are showing in the log: No errors are showing in the log.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Regressed to backup, different browsers, clearing the caches. Nothing seems to work. I have managed to stay loggedin on my phone but when I restored the backup it logged me out and I cannot get back in.

Hi @PrimRose,
were you ever able to log in / at what point did it stop working for you?
Can you confirm that https://github.com/mautic/mautic/pull/7883 (fix is part of 2.16.0) is not the same issue as yours?


I have updated the system to 2.16.0 and it may be caused by how I set up the http to https. I’m having trouble replicating the fault now.

So it could have been fixed by the upgrade.


nice, thanks for the update and good news :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue, I cannot login when inputting the correct username/password page just refreshes.

I was able to login until recently when I accidentally changed my site URL to Mautic.

How to I get back into my Mautic account? Any help is much appreciated