Invalid CSRF token

Hi, I’ve been using Mautic for months and I’m very happy with your services. But today when trying to access, none of my users worked and I did not have any errors, the login page was simply reloaded.
Then I deleted the cache from the FTP and now this error appears: “Invalid CSRF token.”, And in the log mautic.WARNING: IP LOOKUP.

Thank you very much for your help.

The problem has worsened, now identifies the path with an application / json and shows me the login page in code json.

After trying a lot of options, update everything, install it again, delete the cache … The problem persisted, I left it impossible. And this morning when I tried again everything worked correctly. I do not know what could have happened, or if it would have been something that was playing on my server. Everything solved itself, after 12 hours invested.

Facing the same, did you ever found out what was the issue ?
I don’t see anything in my logs either logs are clean no errors.