Mautic and mailchimp

sorry I don’t understand how to use the integration mautic and mailchimp: I setup the plugin and so I know that in the flow I can use an action to “send” contact to mailchimp…but later ?
For example: If I would like send birthday communication, at the end of the flow in mautic instead to insert “send email” I use “push contact in mailchimp” but after that I do this ? How mailchimp will manage those contact ?

Thanks in advance

I have not used the plugin so I may well be wrong on this but I expect the plugin pushes the contact to Mailchimp for you to do future emailing campaigns from within Mailchimp. Ie you would create the birthday communication in Mailchimp.

I don’t think it is set up to use Mailchimp as an smpt mail server for Mautic.

Hi robm,
so the idea is: push every day contact in mailchimp; in mailchimp there will be an automation flow that will consider that user (don’t know how) and each day will send the birthday email ?

I would recommend setting up an SMTP server for Mautic, like spark post or Amazon ses, if you have not already done so, and use Mautic to send the birthday campaign. Leave Mailchimp out of it. Or push new contacts to Mailchimp and have the birthday campaign there.

U will have to ask Mailchimp how they do birthday campaigns if you would rather use Mailchimp. Mautic can do a birthday campaign rather well.

I don’t see the sense in trying to merge the functionality of the 2 tools asides from duplicating a mautic mailing list inside Mailchimp for your own reasons.

Hi Robm,
thanks was just an example the birthday to understand how it works; anyway thanks for your suggestion.
You never use integration with mailchimp ?

Actually, we moved away from Mailchimp using Mautic and Amazon SES, and couldn’t be happier. I was wondering what exactly you still need Mailchimp for? It’s so much more expensive.

Hi waldegeist ,
mailchimp was just to understand how the plugin works;we woul like integrate another tool “like mailchimp” and get ideas from the plugins installed. This because we have all the company integration already done with the tool “like mailchimp” and so we would like use mautic as “orchestrator” and another tool to send email. This is the way.

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