Mautic does not create new contacts

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My Mautic version is: 4.4.10

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My problem is:
Hello everyone,
I have a strange problem:
Mautic suddenly started to monitor the site data and does not record contacts. The strange thing is that the problem was not immediate as one would expect in case of an error but in 3 days we had the collapse of the data from 17k to 7k to 16 to zero in three days.
The day the data collapse started we uploaded a csv file where, the only non standard thing, the IP field with value had been entered by mistake.
From that moment the monitoring collapse. No errors in mautic, mysql, server logs. Everything seems to be going correctly, but mautic no longer tracks anything. Other strange thing is that from the contacts menu instead the contacts show up…
Any ideas?

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
Clear cache
update db schema
import csv file with no IP field

From dashboard:

Contacts created:

Page visits:

Any chance your database has run out of available space, or your hosting provider has somehow throttled it? Just a thought, as I’ve seen some oddities happen like that before after a contact import.

Thank’you so mach Ruth, no apparently nothing of these. The strangeness is that nothing appears in the logs (server, db or mautic).
We restored the backup of the day before and the problem persist so probably something else happened out of mautic. At the moment we run a new Mautic 5.1 installation (wow what a good job) and all seems ok. I don’t understand this strange behaviour.

Hello Antonio!
Do you see any js error in your console? Are you running mautic and the site on the same domain? (Diff subdomain is ok) does the tracking pxel open to you if you open it in a browser?