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Mautic Outlook Plugin Download

Hello all,
does anyone have a compiled Version of the Mautic Outlook plugin for installation on Outlook 2016. I have reinstalled my PC and now I am unable to find the installer for the plugin.

please help

Was this solved? Keen for the plugin myself.



Solved: The link on the documentation page is slightly incorrect. You can download the plugin from here:

Thank you! The Plugin works great.

This URL in this thread is dead and I can’t seem to find this anywhere, does anyone have a current link? Thanks!

@fdiebel, it looks like the plug-in has not been maintained any time recently.
Based on @npracht’s comment here, the plugin isn’t working (see below) with the current version of Mautic.

If you want to give it a try, it looks like you can download the installer .zip here. Norman’s company, Webmecanik, paid for a freelancer to compile the C# source files from the GitHub repo.

Edit: We just tested this and got it to track one-to-one emails correctly. :smiley: There was a quirk if the base URL of the Mautic instance is installed in a directory rather than a subdomain, but it’s easily fixed by setting up the add-in using the correct URL (including folder without trailing slash). We’ll publish a blog post soon documenting all the steps.

Edit 2: Here’s the guide to installing/configuring the Mautic Outlook Add-in with screenshots.

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Ah that’s great. Tested here w/ Outlook 2019 as well, and it seems to work great.

One oddball thing is that it seems to instantly add an “Email read” event to the contact activity, which is not quite the behavior I expected.

It is tracking actual read/opens as well though. Maybe we can take a look in the source and see what’s going on, but we’re not well versed in C# here at all. Thank you for taking the time to answer, and making this download available!

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It would be great if you could add a comment on the PR so we can get it merged (assuming that PR fixes the issue). I can then update the URL.

Have already added a comment to the PR for the record. Will look at converting the instructions into Markdown for the and/or Mautic documentation in the coming days.

Sorry I meant this PR: - I had asked if it was still working but was told it was not.

If this is not the case, we can get this PR merged and update the links etc.

I did some testing and was unsuccessful. I opened outlook as admin and uninstalled the previous plugin. Then installed the new plugin. My mautic is in a subdirectory and in a subdomain. I setup the url and set it to I also tested
In all cases even when the URL is set incorrect ther will be a sig=…
Only when the url is set correct the IP is noticed in Mautic. However, no email address is added. only the IP.
I further tested by copying the url from the source of the email and opening it in a browser. I would expect a blank page with pixel, but I receive a page not found or file not found error.
What strikes me is that the url is:
This filepath does not exist.
I tested with incognito and mobile device (wifi off)