Mautic rss to email plugin

Hi everyone,
I have been attempting to install mautic-rss-to-email-bundle on my Mautic 4. But when I hit upgrade or install plugins nothing happens. I’m getting a message 0 plugins installed. Any suggestions?

Installation Process I am following:

  1. Download the code from Github
  2. Upload the folder to my Server
  3. Rename folder to “MauticRssToEmailBundle”
  4. Hit install from Plugins

Clear the cache and click the upgrade again.

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I’ve already tried that, it doesn’t seem to work though

Are you sure file ownership is okay?

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The plugin folder it is set to 771 by default, and I tried 775 if that is what you are referring to without success.

I mean the owner of the files are the web user, not root, right?

There was an error I didnt see before with the cache deletion apparently, I managed to install it.
However now I’m attempting to edit the email and code editor doesnt work. :grimacing:

I managed to get the code editor to work, not sure what was going on.
Is there a way to preview this email/rss? When I check the preview I see nothing.

Thank you guys, now it seems to work, it took a while to load, not sure why, the image is still missing though.

I’ve couple of questions:

1 - Is there a way to edit the content of the email?

The post [xxxxxx] appeared first on [website name]

2 - Is there any workaround to make it fetch the image or images?

Are these infos available in the feed?