Mautic Segment Filters - Email Read

Is there a reason when choosing Email Read in a Segment Filter I can only pick from published emails?

This is the scenario we are looking for which currently would require us to re-publish an email to build the segment properly
Create an A/B Test email, send out to X contacts.
Pick A as the winner based off read count.
Send out a larger batch to A

Now we want to send a follow up email to everyone who got A or B but didn’t open the email. We can’t do that unless we re-publish B because it won’t appear in the list. This seems like something that should always be available to pick from in this list as just because I’m not longer sending out B doesn’t mean I don’t want the ability to not send followup emails to B.

This scenario would be valid even without an AB test as I could see lots of times you wouldn’t want to include users who got a currently unpublished email on a segment but still want to unpublish that email to make sure it doesn’t accidently go out to anyone anymore.