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Mautic Setup Needs Optimized for High Volumes

Hello, Need a Mautic Administrator Expert to optimize Mautic to have no problems with big volumes.

I already installed and setup on my nginx server, cron jobs are already setup.

Just need optimizations so that when I hit big volumes I won’t have any problems.

Any plugins/ database optimizations/ code tweaks, whatever is needed.


The opportunity is: Mautic Setup Needs Optimized for High Volumes

It is based in: united states

Remote OK?: yes

Salary/remuneration: hourly

To find our more:


PM sent, Please check.

Best Regards!

Hello @josherb213,

Our team at Facet Interactive would love to help you. We’ve just recently published mautic-k8s, which is purposefully built towards high availability deployment on Kubernetes. We’re also aware of many of the performance issues Mautic has and I’d be happy to compare notes.

I’ve reached out via PM, but if you want to reach me on the Mautic Slack I am @Jordan Ryan (Facet Interactive).

Some links:

Hope to talk soon about making Mautic more performant for you and in general!

323-909-2005 x102

Is there so much to optimize?

I understand that a setup with load balancers, database replication and more nice things can be a challenge to setup. But if there is a single server your options for optimization are assigning some extra RAM to the database and tuning the sending limit to match the sending servers?

@Yosu_Cadilla is an expert in this.

Thank you very much for the mention @EJL

@josherb213 Hi, I would be happy to check your setup and give you some recommendations.

@dimitri Correct, you do not need load balancers unless you want an HA setup. Database (and Mautic) replication is used mostly for agency SaaS deployments and usually not needed for single-instance deployments.

Please check this video for more information on high-volume installations:


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Hey 131,

Not sure this is the right place for your questions, this is the commercial section of the forums.


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Thanks for flagging that - have broken it out into a separate topic in #general-discussion !

Sorry about that, I didn’t pay attention to the group. I found his post with a forum search for related topics and just replied with my question. Thanks!