Mautic users: Do you expect to be warned if a stage change didn't happen?

Users of Mautic, I’d love your thoughts on this:

A campaign action can change the stage a contact is in, but if they are already in a higher weighted stage, it will not execute, because you can’t change to a lower weighted stage.

For example if your contact is in Stage B, with a weighting of 50, and the campaign action should move them to Stage A, with a weighting of 25, that isn’t possible.

Would you expect to see a warning about this in the contact activity history if they were in that campaign?

Something like this:

Or would you think that because this is normal behaviour, you should not be alerted that the stage change did not happen?

So it would look something like this:

Currently we show a pretty poor message (Generic Error)

There’s a PR to remove the error entirely, but I’d value your insights as to whether you’d expect to see a notification about this failed action or not.


I’d expect a better error. I think this rule that contacts can only move to a higher stage is not obvious at all and therefore better communication would help.

I’m general, I don’t really understand why this is even a limitation of Mautic. I use the API to move contacts to lower stages and that works just fine. Not sure why we would even want this functionality to be blocked in the first place…