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Mautic/Zapier integration - what is going on??

Hi all,

I’m having a good bit of trouble with a Mautic/Zapier/Zoom setup, and could really use a hand.

Overview of what we want to do:
Zapier Trigger: Mautic form is filled out
Zapier Action: Zoom webinar registrant is created

The situation:

  • Every time I get to the “Trigger” step “Pull in Samples” to test data, it always pulls in my own info, despite the fact that I have removed my Contact Profile from the database
  • “Get More Samples” always errors out (“We couldn’t find a new form”) and has never been able to find a second set of sample data, despite the fact that there are 3 other contacts in our database who have filled out the form in question.

Additional info/things already tried:

  • No issue connecting both Mautic and Zoom to Zapier. They’ve both been connected and verified.
  • We have the Zapier Starter Plan (one level up from free)
  • Ensure our Mautic form is collecting all the info Zoom needs for the Action
  • Deleting the Zap and re-creating it (no luck)
  • Filling out the form with additional people and re-trying “Pull in Samples”

Any thoughts about what might be causing this?