Metrics grupped by owner

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.2.2

I have more users in a Mautic instance. Every user is the owner of differents contacts. I need to understand who is the winner in our strategy so I need to see open rate or other metrics (above all I’m interested in OR or email read count) divided per owner.
I tried both dashoard widgets and report but I don’t find a solution?
Any ideas?

Can you explain better the concept of “winner”?

Sorry Aerendir,
Let me explain better. We have different owners who have the freedom of writing to their contacts. Everyone writes with different techniques and gets different results. We would like to understand which of them has the best open rate and who gets the best sales results. We see sales on the CRM, we would also like to check the results for each type of approach on Mautic.
I hope it’s more clear.

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