Monitored Inbox Settings not taking Gmail details

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.1
My PHP version is: 7.4.18

When I am trying to set “Monitored Inbox Settings” for Gmail, it says

“Error communicating with the IMAP server: Can not authenticate to IMAP server: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)”

Cant Gmail IMAP settings be used ?

Hello experts, any hints? @mikew, @joeyk

I don’t use this, but I heard that you need to allow less secure apps with Google to be able to fetch the inbox. But I’m not sure.

Oh ok. Is there any other method also to check unsubscribe or bounce mails ?

I will check per your suggestion.


Maybe try to allow i less secure apps?

it seems logics are contradictory to each other

  1. we need to enable app specific password so that mautic can be connected. For enabling app specific password, you need to enable 2 way authentication in google - which is done and app specific password is generated.

  2. Now, the twist: if you want to enable low secure settings, 2 way authentication needs to be off

both point 1 and 2 are contradictory - confused :~(

this is the error I am getting while trying to enable mailbox.

I found that I had to create an app-specific password to use a Gmail account for SMTP when the account had 2FA enabled, so I guess that it is the same here as you are connecting in the same way.

Here’s the documentation I followed:

No need in my case for less secure apps, but it did require 2FA on - which it should really be by default nowadays!


so we are saying that I need not put any settings in " Monitored Inbox Settings" - but how I would be able to keep check on unsubscribed and bounce emails then ?


You put your Gmail creds in there and use an app password rather than the account password, however Gmail is not recommended to be used for bounce / unsubscribe monitoring:

Some email services overwrite the return-path header with that of the account’s email (Gmail, Amazon SES). In these cases, IMAP bounce monitoring will not work .

Source: Bounce management | Mautic

I’d suggest looking at a different provider for this reason if you were intending to use this for bounce/unsubscribe management. There are several options on the page above in the docs of providers who do this via webhooks or API services.

Sure. Thanks. would go through doc and your suggestion for webhook.

Gentlemen, we were unable to configure Gmail Workspace on Mautic 4. We have already tried numerous solutions without success. We have already applied the solutions from this link ( suggested here on the forum, also without success. Has anyone done this integration and can help me? Thanks.

I am able to connect to my gmail using app password but it will not save my password settings. When I click “Test connection and fetch folders” I get a success message and am able to choose my monitored inbox. But then when I apply and save the settings my password disappears and so does my monitored inbox. So for me the connection is not an issue but rather maintaining the connection after I save settings. Any suggestions on how to fix this?