Move Landingpages to the Channels menu

My idea is:
Move the existing Landingpage menu item from Components to the existing menu Channels.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: (Marketing) Users

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:
In marketing the word channel is used as anything that allows the producer talk to the customer. E.g. multi channel strategy.

Therefore, it would be more intuitive for our marketing oriented users to find the landingpages inside the channels menu.

Are you willing to work on this idea?: yes

I can see the logic here but would value the thoughts of community on this!

Pinging @joeyk @npracht @mohit.aghera for your input on behalf of the Product Team - let’s add this to the agenda for discussion in the next team meeting?

IMO this is more related to forms and assets than email. So quite logic as it is today.
Just an opinion :slight_smile:

yes, I guess this really depends on the person you ask. I can see the logic why it is in components. IMO marketers apply a different logic. But I wanted to bring it up for discussion.

I was thinking about this a lot.
It is a channel: your landing pages are used to aquire new custmers.
But it is not a channel, where you sending on. Like twitter / email / sms / web notifications. I could imagine facebook being here.
I also think of landing pages as components of a campaign.

Fine with moving to channels. If we think of components as elements that can NOT exist on their own, then a Landing Page is not a component.

I also think of landing pages as components of a campaign.

That applies to everything else, e.g. emails, too - no? :slight_smile: